Hamilton Plastic Fabricators is skilled in handling any type of Thermal Plastic application. We supply the highest quality corrosion resistant products including:

  •       Chutes and Hoppers
  •       Dip Baskets
  •       Ducts, Tube and Pipe
  •       Fittings
  •       Spray Headers
  •       Grating
  •       Dampeners

Our experienced team utilizes the following materials:

  •       Polypropylene and Copolymers
  •       PVC
  •       Kynar
  •       High Density Polyethylene
  •       CPVC
  •       Fiberglass Clad
  •       UHMW
  •       G5, G7, G9, G10 and G11
  •       GP03
  •       Nylon, Nylatron
  •       Delrin
  •       Acrylics (clear, opaques, smoked, frosted)
  •       Polycarbonate  (clear, opaques, smoked)
  •       Teflon
  •       and much more. 

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Processes include Molded and Welded Construction, Adhesive Bond and Mechanical Fastening. Get more information on some of our processes HERE.